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Do you want to be able to dangle opponents on demand without hesitation or losing the puck?
- How you can make your moves become more natural and automatic.
- How following a strategic program can increase your confidence.
- How to link movement patterns and build muscle memory.

Players are working on their skills. What can you do to improve everyday?
-Practice drills that support you. Get your reps in. Stay focused.
-Allocate time everyday to training. Make it a ritual.
-Put in the work others aren't willing to or don't know about. It's simple.

The problem most young players have...

Most team practices are spent working on systems and plays. There is nothing wrong with this. That is what TEAM practice is meant for. But a high percentage of minor hockey players aren't taking the time to develop their own individual SKILLS outside of their team setting.

In today's NHL everyone is skilled. You can't just get by on mediocrity. Players don't just show up to regular practices and games anymore. EVERY elite hockey player is working on individual elements of their game because if they didn't, THEY WOULD GET LEFT BEHIND.

Most Minor Hockey players don't know how to handle the puck properly!
-This can lead to the player panicking when they have possession.
-Either holding on to the puck too long or giving it away unnecessarily.
-Not feeling 100% comfortable and confident when handling the puck.
-LOSING possession, creating turnovers, or disrupting the flow of play.
-Not being able to STAND OUT from the other players who possess these skills.

Many players DO work on their stick handling away from their team but still aren't getting the results they are ultimately looking for... Why?

You might feel a lack of direction or are unsure of the best types of drills that would help YOU feel more comfortable handling the puck in different scenarios.

What is the right way to stick handle?
In the video below I share a few key tips to keep in mind when working on your stick handling skills so YOU can become a better puck handler.

The 10 Things YOU need to work on.
-Body Movement /ROM
-Hand Eye
-Freestyle / Creativity

Don't know where or how to get started?

I've got the solution...

Here's how to master stick handling in the shortest amount of time!

I've created a stick handling training program that any play at any age or level can follow to ensure their puck handling skills will improve tremendously.

This program is easy to follow and can be done anywhere so there are no excuses!

Where can you train?
-In your basement (hard smooth surfaces)
-Living room (or carpet areas)
-Garage (multi purpose spaces)
-Outdoors (street or driveway)
-And of course, on ice.

You need very little to get started...
-A few pucks
-A Green Biscuit
-A Swedish Wooden Ball (or a golf ball)
-A Couple of Old Hockey Sticks
-The Phenomenal Hands Program


The one mistake even some of the most experienced players make is not taking the extra time to work on their individual weaknesses.

-It's not a race. Take your time and be patient.
-This program is for you. Do it because YOU want to elevate your skills and take your game to the next level.
-To be a great puck handler, you have to be well rounded in all of the 10 categories mentioned above.

The Phenomenal Hands Program is strategically designed to develop ALL strengths and weaknesses in regards to puck handling and pushes the player to challenge themselves in a variety of scenarios.

Heres an example of a drill inside the Phenomenal Hands Program.
(Video here)

The Program is to be worked on 20 minutes everyday for no less than 60 days.
JUST 20 MINUTES! There are 1400 minutes in a day. If you can't find 20 minutes each and every day to work on your skills then this program isn't for you.
Inside you will find an easy to follow guide with a different workout each day of the week.

Hear directly from players who have used The Phenomenal Hands Program and Techniques.




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