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Are you a hockey player looking to get noticed or potentially drafted?
- find out how you can increase your chances of moving up the hockey ranks.
-obtain a scholarship.
-or play professionally.

There are so many good players out there. How can YOU stand out?
-what it takes to improve your skills.
-how video can make you a better athlete.
-what mistakes to avoid when trying to get drafted.
The 3 things scouts and coaches look for in a player
1. Hockey sense or "Hockey IQ"
“Hockey sense” is often considered a “great equalizer” in the sense that small players, or those who might be less physically gifted can make up ground by having great brains for the game. How smart you play the game is a huge tell for scouts on if they can take a chance on you. Some naturally have it and some do not.. but luckily, hockey sense is trainable!
2. Skill
Skill is pretty straight forward. How much talent does the player possess? This mainly comes down to skating ability, shooting power, accuracy, etc.. passing, puck handling, or anything that involves the players physical abilities.
3. Potential
Having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. Do they see something special in you? Maybe you are not quite there yet but the right person at the right time may notice something that others are not seeing. Potential comes in many shapes and forms and scouts are always willing to take a chance on a player that they see potential in.

The problem most players have is attracting attention. At this very moment they don't have a way of getting their name or their "potential" out there.

In the below video I share important information that will help you along your journey.

What better way than having a professionally edited video of your best moments
on and off the ice.
I personally go through every moment captured and pick only the best clips that
make YOU look your best.
We do this through...
- In game isolation footage (taking best plays, shots, hits, and goals)
- Dryland workouts (displaying footwork, strength, body mechanics, and intensity)
- On ice skills sessions ( speed, shooting ability, stick handling, and creativity)

Why would this be beneficial for you?
In your case...
- your points on paper may not reflect the actual impact you bring to the game.
- have the ability to show recruiters what you can do effectively and easily.
- ability to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
- proof of your skills and abilities.


What you receive when you sign up for YOUR VERY OWN Phenom Player Profile Video is...
- Player intro (bio)
- 1 one hour on ice skills session (filmed)
- 1 one hour workout in a professional training facility (filmed)
- 3 separate in game isolation filming sessions (more games can be arranged)
- 1 Phenom Hockey t-shirt with player number
- Final Product: Your very own individual Player Profile Video filmed, edited, and produced in a digital format for you to showcase and keep forever.


Usually a service of this magnitude would cost thousands of dollars given the time, energy, experience, ice and gym costs, cameras and editing equipment, training, and completion. But for a limited time I am significantly reducing the price on this program for those looking to take action NOW! While you would be paying upwards of $3000 you are able to take advantage of this offer at under 4 figures AND save an additional $100 on top of the other bonus offers just by filling out the form now. *Actual price based on your package / quote


You are here because you have what it takes to get to that next level. You are focused and determined and won't let anything stop you from achieving your goals.
Here is an example of a player (just like you) who decided to choose Phenom Hockey.

Michael is eligible for the 2018 OHL draft


Don't go unnoticed. Invest in yourself.

Do you have a teammate that would like their own Phenom Profile Video?
When you sign up with a friend you both receive $100 off your complete package.
- 3rd or 4th teammate?? Save $150 each. (4 player maximum)
- save money and have teammates to push you and feed off.

How do you get started?
by submitting an interest form by clicking here. (learn how you can save up to $350)
Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail from me with more information on dates, quotes, and what to do from here.

Don't worry... When you fill out the form you are not in any way obligated to proceed with purchasing anything. The intent is to better inform us if this is the right product for you and to clarify any other questions or concerns you may have.


Players in your league might be getting by doing what they are doing. But how long will that last? Take action NOW to make your dreams a reality.

When you click here you will be taken to the Profile Video Interest Form where you will receive instruction on what to do next.

Just a reminder...
Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that; intentions.
Wanting is not enough; you must act upon your goals to receive the results.

Those who have already taken action have elevated their game, improved their skills, are getting noticed, and are taking the necessary steps to becoming a better version of themselves.

If you're still here reading this; this is a sign that this is right for you but you are still unsure. I would like to remind you one last time that there is zero risk on your end. I am supremely confident that my training and video services are as described and will leave you more than happy with your investment.

Click here if you are committed to fulfilling your dreams

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